Sometimes, your best is not good enough

220 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Running back Adrian Peterson runs by Boise Sta...
Running back Adrian Peterson runs by Boise State’s Gerald Alexander during the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m thinking about the  Ashford and Simpson song Just Once. I read the story on Facebook about Joe Bell, the father of Jadin Bell, the bullied gay boy who committed suicide. Joe went on a cross country trek to honor his son only to be struck and killed by a driver in Colorado who may have fallen asleep at the wheel. It is sad to hear something like that. We also heard about NFL star Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings running back whose powerful muscles have set him on a path to become the greatest of all time.  Adrian’s two year old son was struck and killed by a man with a history of domestic abuse.  Adrian was helpless to protect him.

When we have children, we care for them so much and we want to give them the world. Our Parents hover over us. There was even a new phrase helicopter parenting used to describe it. But in truth they can’t protect us from everything.  Even a parent’s love will not be good enough.

Sometimes it is our own flaws, such as a drug dependency, that doom us. I remember years ago Carroll O’Connor‘s son, Hugh, committed suicide in 1995 committed  after a long battle with drug addiction. O’Connor did public service announcements after his son’s death to try and alert other parents and avoid another tragedy.

Somewhere today a parent’s heart will break as their child is killed by a stray bullet, a drunk driver or perhaps at their own hand. My mother did her best with me but ultimately it was my choice to keep on living and avoid whatever sadness was out there. That’s all that any parent can do because from the moment we are born we are a combination of nature and nurture. We must always be aware that sometimes our best will not be good enough.


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