Improving my emotional fitness

I was at the First Unitarian Society this morning for a service that reminded me of one I had attended years ago entitled When Hearts Break. In fact the  minister used some of the same language as he had in the earlier one. The service itself was different because a new choir director had been brought in and the music ended with Bill Withers’ Lean on Me. But the message of overcoming unresolved grief was still powerful. Upstairs, the forum speaker spoke about the Affordable Care and Personal Responsibility Act. I had asked a question about one of the lesser known features of the law: it provided millions of dollars to expand community clinics such as the 16th Street Community Clinic. When asked, most of the attendees said that they would have preferred  Medicare for All, the single payer health plan. President Obama chose a market based approach favored by Republicans until he was for it, then they decided it was a government takeover.

Going to the church allowed me to do some thinking about how I use my time. I needed to get away from the computer to which I returned and the lost relationships that occupy my sleep. It seems difficult to get away from memories of the woman I married and the the one that I almost married. I need to be in better emotional health to do my job as a certified peer specialist. Not to mention completing the upcoming program at Southern New Hampshire University.

During the service I took notes about things to start doing differently. I am very grateful that I have a friend in my life to call and discuss things with. I have lacked someone like that for a long time. And I have resources to make the changes that I desire. It is a matter of beginning where I am. And I recommend this for everyone.  So until we have an atheist equivalent to the First Unitarian Society, it seems that is the best way to get me out of the house.  Stay tuned.Southern New Hampshire University


Southern New Hampshire University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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