Notes from the Crisis Conference

English: Maj. Steven Knapp of the Wiesbaden He...
English: Maj. Steven Knapp of the Wiesbaden Health Clinic asks Soldiers questions during a quiz show as part of innovative suicide prevention training in the Wiesbaden Fitness Center Sept. 14. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We have endured 2 keynote addresses about suicide prevention today: this morning after breakfast and this afternoon with lunch. Which is a fair amount of suicide prevention for one day’s meals. The morning talk was by a man who works with veterans while the afternoon guy works with youths. The afternoon speaker talked about crisis workers being goalies. Even though I grew up watching hockey I did not like this metaphor. He only had two points: remember the 4PS: Predisposing, Precipitating, Propagating and Protective actors. Several of these factors can be considered in more than one area.


The grid that the speaker used included our friend biopsychosocial factors that I recall from social work One he finished with his grid he sat down,  giving us a longer than expected break.


The first speaker gave us a lot  more detail  and to chew on. I am in a few of the groups that would put me in a slightly higher risk for suicide as a male, in a certain age group and divorced. However I also have social connections, including my blog, I have an aversion to guns and have been educated about the problem of suicide. This is one of several training sessions I have participated in regarding suicide.


I was also in a workshop about ethics and boundaries. This workshop provided a lot of good information and I was able to point out some ways in which it applied to me. One of the strangest things at the conference was the way in which the carpeting throughout the building tried to rise up and trip me. Am I reading too much into this?





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