Millions connect with unpopular new health care law

The news was filled wit stories of people with pre-existing conditions seeking coverage. The system crashed but then leaped back on its feet. The Know Nothings who ad denounced the law “job killer” “government takeover”, “death panels” continued spinning their lies. The wife of the governor of Texas spoke truth to power about women’s reproductive rights. Companies that don’t value their employees were slashing hours. There were stories of states that eagerly participated in the rollout, setting up their own health care exchanges. And we still have no federal budget. Students in local schools that had planned on visiting the federal government were told that everything was closed. The single payer health care crowd is still angry about not getting what they wanted. A small group of Congressmen are willing to approve the Senate’s Continuing Resolution.

Of course the House leadership is continuing their clown show. And the heath care law rolls on. This is America, the result of gerrymandering that allowed the Hose of Representatives to have no fear in turning out the lights and lying about what they had done.



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