Have I turned over my blog to 3 women or one?

King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz in 2002
King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz in 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yesterday I invited a woman using the name Kitty Kumhere to be a guest blogger, exposing my readers to the harmful effects of a woman who probably drives a car. Thanks to a Saudi price, we know the harmful effects that driving can unleash upon women.  Always curious, I wondered whether Kitty was one woman or three so I decided to investigate the No Masters Facebook group to which I belong. There is the outspoken Kitty Kumhere who occasionally displays a picture or two. Then there is Rachel Kapustoniek which sounds like a false name to me. Who are you, the man asks. She replies, I’m Rachel Kuput, from Poland. after a a few replies, she finds a more easy to pronounce name.


Then, to confuse things even more, Eugenia De Las Gardenias posted in the groupd and I’m thinking, have I ever seen all of these women together? No? Is there some kind of Fourth Wave of Feminism creating them? Do this have anything to do with Iran?





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