Feeling inspired

Today I am battling. My phone has died, I had chills and my left ear was plugged. But I found the SZ Magazine Summer 2013 offered plenty of inspiration. I am reading about people  battling through mental illness and living full lives. They have jobs, spouses, ambitions and hope. It is exciting to be participating in such a movement. It’s called recovery.

My family stuck with me through my zigs and zags and I have created a new more positive direction. I wanted to mentions that you can find more about SZ at mentalwellnesstoday.com. Every person’s vision of recovery is very personal. The SZ  is affiliated with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) which some people despise. Some folks feel that peer specialists like me are a part of the problem. But that is their loss. If it works for you, fine. If not, find something else. This is what inspires me. I hope that my readers will share what inspires them.

Hah! I was so sincere. Then my phone came alive, so I called home to thank them for the love. I fond Sandra Yuen McKay’s blog and read a couple of interviews. So I am good. I am still looking to get out in the community on Sunday at a fundraiser for a low power radio station.



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