Is providing social benefits an impeachable offense?

President-elect Barack Obama, headshot
President-elect Barack Obama, headshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


President Barack Obama has presided over the greatest expansion of social benefits since President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicaid and Medicare into law. These benefits affect the lives of millions of people. Reluctant as he was, it seems now that he was the right person chosen to do this job.


President Obama has indicated he personally struggled with the idea of marriage equality. The disgusting and indefensible Defense of Marriage Act  was law when he first took office. But events seized his presidency and forced that he help preside over expanding federal benefits for gays and lesbians. This was accomplished through abolishing the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy which ironically led to the ouster of thousands of gay and lesbian soldiers. He made repeal of that law a priority for his administration and he carried out his word.


The Defense of Marriage Act received a fatal blow from the US Supreme Court earlier this year when it struck down a provision allowing states to discriminate against married sex sex couples. the legislative history of that horrid law made it clear that its sole purpose was to discriminate against and stigmatize millions of Americans. All in violation of the equal protection clause of the constitution. The president has acted swiftly to expand rights for same sex couples


At the same time we are about to witness the implementation of the Affordable Care Act which created health care exchanges and tax subsidies that will allow millions of people to sign up for health insurance. Given the repugnant party’s response to health care, you would think he had ordered extreme Muslim laws to be enforced across America, ;personally taken control of the entire country and declared war on white people. What he actually did was allow people to participate in capitalism.


These days, being without health insurance is as bad as driving without vehicle insurance. But due to discrimination, poverty and other reasons, millions who need health insurance were denied access.


He’s not the antichrist or whatever ridiculous slur the mudslinger try to make stick. He’s in the tradition of expanding social benefits to level the playing field. Can you impeach Barack Obama for doing that? I wouldn’t even try.



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