Peer Support: soon to be even more valuable

Milwaukee County is rolling out a benefit called Comprehensive Community Services that will pay more than half the cost of what I assist people with in the community. The this includes developing Wellness Recovery Action Plans, housing applications, connections to community resources and others. This kind of billing will help peer specialists provide greater benefits for the agencies that employ us, which is a good thing. In our society, at least in theory, the more money an employer is able to make from the worker’s labor, the more valuable he or she becomes. In my experience, it is more lucrative to be a billable service than one dependent upon grant funding.

When I left work an hour hour, I had billed for nearly 15 hours of services. In addition, I have at least 3 more hours of services I could bill for through follow up on the work I have already completed. I am saying this to create a distinct image of peer support: we are accountable, often paid for through taxes, professional and scheduled. We bring a lot of skills to the table and the funding sources are always training us. We are ready. We’re not just people who needed mental health services. We help people live full and productive lives. If you want a comprehensive community, then you want us in the picture.



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