Kitty, come hither?

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In the No Gods No Masters: Atheist Feminist Facebook Group, things have taken an interesting twist. I have been a part of this rather sleepy group for about a month. The group hasn’t really lived up to its name for most of that time. The lag has been due to the usual Facebook fights, nerds and communists. One of the most active threads has been a diatribe by a woman who complained that the group had been overrun by “mansplaining dudebros looking to get laid.”I read that for several days before asking, what was a dudebro? Let’s just say, you wouldn’t want to be one.


The same woman posted an article by a celibate woman who wrote about being obsessed with sex and how disgusting she felt the whole thing was. To her it was all about being “pierced” and “entered” and it sounded about as attractive as American troops about to invade Iraq. As one who was hoping to have sex again, I was shocked.


But then, there were the communists. One guy wrote something in defense of Miley (I’m no slut) Cyrus. You can turn to her picture in Huffington Post wearing a transparent outfit leaving little to the imagination and wonder what  this has to do with singing.


The communist also started an exciting thread about Cuba. This was another head scratcher. Then came the nerd. Some guywho belongs in an ESL class started spouting off about global religion and some language he supposedly created.   The communist wrote page long replies to people without doing any paragraphing. Apparently, paragraphs were too bourgeois.


Then suddenly things changed overnight. A woman named Kitty Cumhere joined the group as all hell began breaking loose. There was talk of fourth wave feminism. The nerds disappeared swallowed by a whale of revulsion and we were in the in group.


I have no idea what the takeaway from this could be except don’t start discussions about feminism with posts denouncing sex, communists pontificating or nerds. And your group will only become successful when Kitty cums around.





4 thoughts on “Kitty, come hither?

  1. Hilarious – clique like groups that start up with great intentions but bad plans always amuze me to some extent. When men were men and cannon balls were high technology, they used to call such groups ‘cannon fodder’ and for good reason. The battle field where you could see them face off to one another and make lots of noise, rattle sabres, fire a few shots then drop like grass under a mower when the cannonades cut in.

    For some reason the little groups keep popping up with some odd idea that you can organize atheists. It’s kind of like thinking you can start a coffee shop for people who don’t wear blue. Sounds great as an idea… but never quite does anything expected.

    Kitty cumhere sounds like someone I’d like to share a cup of coffee with … while not wearing blue, of course.


  2. I responded to the bizarre, “man impales woman” thread, and got no response from a previous woman who posted it and berated me before when I also asked about “mansplaining dudebros’ which escalated into a catfight. Good thing im a mountain lion..


    1. Here are the top searches for my blog this past week: popular blog entries, alien babe makes love, hot little cuties, rachel kapustoniek. Apparently you are inspiring something among my readers.


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