Porch falls down, poor people go homeless

There was a horrible story on the news tonight about the collapse of a porch at a building at 24th and W. National. It’s very near by where one of the people I know used to live. The news story said that the owner has more than 100 buildings in our city with dozens of violations. The angry low income residents of the building are now receiving assistance from Red Cross in emergency shelters. A substandard building, a landlord making repairs while ignoring city building codes and he has the nerve to walk away from the cameras. This is very timely, because the state legislature is debating legislation to make it even easier for landlords to exploit tenants. great timing, eh?

Check the links below for more information about this crime.

Although this happened in a near south side neighborhood in Milwaukee, will find similar stories in low income communities across the countries. You can predict that there will be hires in some rickety apartment structures and the smoke detector have been disabled or did not exist. Last year a woman on the south side with a history or neglecting her children went to work after locking her children in the house and the children ended up dying in a fire with no way out.

Where poverty, greed and neglect intersect, tragedy often ensues. Hug your parents close if they gave you a roof over your head and took the time to make certain you felt safe. Hug your children closer if you are trying to avoid making the same mistakes as your parents.

I have driven by the building several times in the 6 weeks since this tragedy took place and there does not seem to be much change. We have built thousands of units of luxury apartments and condominiums in this city and neglected low and moderate income people in the process. If we locked up some of these bad landlords, that might get some action.


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