It’s mourning in America

Hearing the news of another mass shooting, this time at a Naval Shipyard. Hearing that was one of dozens of murders across the country. Hearing that the survivors last year’s shootings at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin are going to talk with Congress and the survivors of the Naval Yard shooting. Reading of a mentally disturbed man being shot in New York by police without cause. Taking today to mourn with America and heal my mind and body.

Seeing the spike in my blood pressure, I took two pills of one kind and one of the other. I must be anxious about something. I am affected by the deaths of these others. My empathy, displaying itself once more. I fell asleep this morning and dreamed of my younger sister and the place where we grew up. I need to take better care of myself and others.

It won’t be easy in an era of violence. Imagine being the family of the black man who survived an auto accident, went to find help and then was killed by the police. Of course, I forgot to mention it was in Florida. Where almost everything we hear about involving black people ends in tragedy. But I am alive and dreaming and still able to make a change. But today is a day to mourn.


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