Networking with peer specialists

English: Joni Mitchell performing in concert p...
English: Joni Mitchell performing in concert photo by Paul C Babin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have been hoping that there would be more opportunities to talk with other peer specialists in our area which is Milwaukee. It seems that we are being brought together through various training opportunities organized by Milwaukee County. this week at the wellness Recovery Action Plan training it seemed that we are starting to reach the point where we need to develop our network.Wellness Recovery Action plans are one of several programs Milwaukee County is rolling out to help support persons receiving mental health services. Peer Specialists will be in the lead introducing wellness Recovery Action Plans. Employment will also be receiving a major boost with employment specialists hired in community support programs to assist people with severe and persistent mental illness in obtaining and keeping jobs. All of this involves a lot of change, which can be frightening.


I have heard about how difficult it can be for people to move from one residence to another. Around this time last year, I was moving. One of my dear friends, Karen, was always on the move when we were best friends. I never thought it was anything other than the song Urge for Going by Joni Mitchell. I instinctively looked for the Tom Rush version of the song, which was written by Joni Mitchell. it associates going with the changing of the seasons.


But now we are driven by our desire for community. One of the peer specialists Heather, sent out a couple of sets of pictures today along with her contact information to initiate a conversation among us. I responded almost immediately “I’d like to call back sometime, to have her stay for just another month or so.”  Winter is closing in. And the winds of change are blowing. It’s best to grab hold and talk about our experiences of these changes and help one another through them. “And I get the urge for going when the meadow grass is turning brown, all her empires are falling down.” let’s support one anothers’ recovery.




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