From water to averting war: the week that was

Michelle Obama, official White House portrait.
Michelle Obama, official White House portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I just saw a link to a Huffington Post article announcing an agreement on the issue of Syria’s chemical weapons. I had lobbied and sent out emails and advised against war. My greatest fear regarding President Obama was that he would be seduced by war. It is intoxicating being the leader of the only remaining super power.we in the post World War 2 generation have suffered as an endless stream of Americans marched off to wars called “police actions”, “conflicts” and anything except what they really were. War affects everyone for many generations although for some, it seems easy to forget.


Everything is closer when it’s your family so of course I hate the impact that war has had on my family. Since the wear in Southeast Asia ended, our presidents have found new wars to blunder into across the globe. was Syria going to be the next? We have gone from hearing an unceasing drum beat for war to learning that an agreement has been reached. While the president was apparently listening to us call for alternatives to war, Michelle Obama was in Watertown, Wisconsin, calling on Americans to drink more water. And there was a story on National Public Radio about finding more water in Kenya. Africa, you make me wet. Will there be peace at some point during my life?



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