Keeping Score: the Race Card

Tonight I called a racist a racist. If that means I played the race card, deal me in. Tonight I saw a posting on an atheist page talking about someone who said only crack whores named their children Barack.

Our President is probably the only person we have known by the name of Barack. And yet the name has roots in Africa and the bible. In a Wikipedia iI found this information about the name “Barack”, or בָּרָק means lightning in Hebrew. Other meanings for the word are bright or glittering. The horse the Mohammad supposedly rode before he went up to heaven had the name Barack as well.

the Friendly Atheist had already identified so-called Pastor  Steven Anderson for his racist anti-woman rhetoric. When i saw that a person on the page had referred to our President’s mother as whore, i exploded. first I said that whoever wold have said that all mothers who give their children that name are whore, would have to be a racist. So naturally some troll said I must be playing the so-called race card.

We know where these racists have been hiding, listing to Rush, Ann and your local garden variety anti-African-American and other types of colored people. We know that our President’s mother had children with two men or color: an African and an Indonesia. To have done that, she would have been considered a so-called race traitor by a lot of people but not by her loving parents. They helped back become the man we know today.Barack Obama’s roots go deep into the soil of Kansas and Kenya. And they lead us away from the imaginations of white hucksters posing as pastors and those who would follow them.

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