The importance of belonging

I was home this evening reading a short pamphlet by David Pitonyak, The Importance of Belonging.  I was saying yes to myself about everything he wrote. And then I noticed it was time for a picnic and I decided it was time to belong. I had been invited by Sachin Chedda who I met 20 years ago. Now he is a father and husband with 3 children, lots of responsibilities and more on the way. One of the oddest things was that I met several people who knew me from my past lives. Even people who I have voted for. There were several funny moments but they all illustrated the importance of being a part of something greater than yourself. I got many positive responses from my announcement on Facebook that I had been accepted into graduate school. It’s what we are about, having a community. So tomorrow I will let co-workers know what happened.  And spread the community.



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