You cannot be replaced

This is a reblog from To Write Love on Her Arms. I was searching for something to say after an intense weekend of writing. It can be rewarding, finding new ideas and ways to reach other people. People visit and learn what I have to say. This sometimes includes sharing my work across different platforms such as Facebook and twitter. The more that I write, the more opportunities I gave people to discover me.  I often write about things that outrage me and I attempt to provoke people. My recent piece about what I considered racist responses to President Obama was an example. Shortly after I wrote Egypt in Flames. A quick visit to twitter confirmed that things were even worse than I had imagined. Days of rage had been met with blood on the street and panicked marchers jumping off bridges to escape gunfire.


At times the things that bother us in America may seem trivial. You could easily respond the same way Bob Newhart did in his famous “Stop it” sketch playing an insensitive therapist. But that won’t help us or the persons who really need our assistance. So I hope you will consider this message in an attempt to reach people who have considered suicide when they cannot see the rainbow.


You cannot be replaced.


Bob Newhart
Bob Newhart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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