Egypt in flames and drones to Iraq?

English: Orthographic map of Egypt
English: Orthographic map of Egypt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Italiano: Il presidente egiziano Hosni Mubarak...
Italiano: Il presidente egiziano Hosni Mubarak durante una visita al Quirinale, Roma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We have a pretty comfortable existence in America, for the most part. I could afford to take my car to the shop today, buy medical supplies for my health and food for my body. At the drug store, I was about to leave when a couple drove up in a new car parked feeling very good about themselves. Millions of these scenes took place across the country. Meanwhile in Egypt, there was bloodshed once more from the US backed military. It was yet another sign that our policies in that country have failed. Catastrophically. The billions of dollars in aid flowing into Israel and Egypt each year have not brought us anywhere close to a just peace.


Egypt in flames, settlements continue in Israel and the answer to instability in Iraq is suggested to be: send in the drones. This is madness. Egypt is trapped in so many ways. The hated and oppressive Mubarak repressed the Muslim Brotherhood. People cheered when the military overthrew him. Then a Muslim Brotherhood leader was elected and just weeks ago people were crying out for him to go. Now, even bigger crowds are fighting for democracy. And there are no good options.


We are closer to seeing drones in Iraq and things are so bad elsewhere that the violence and bloodshed in Syria was shoved aside. A region of nations in flames. And here in America we are driving to Walgreens.





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