Turn off Facebook, so we can be actual animals

You can quote me on that title. It’s based somewhat loosely on a comment by a couple of characters in the For Better or Worse comic strip series. Today was my first full day of vacation and I enjoyed it, balanced with reading, listening to radio, talking on the phone and a good amount of exercise. My plan had called for doing my aerobics with weightlifting and a side of yoga. Due to time constraints, I substituted a delicious Asian meal for the yoga. I was pleased that I wrote a short blog entry and the most gratifying part of it was that I was not finding reasons to check on Facebook. goodness knows, there are plenty of stories about government invading our privacy, right-wingers disrespecting the President, and ordinary citizens making fools of themselves to occupy anyone all day.

Yes, you with the pale skin who has not been seen outside since February. Enough with al this constant liking and being liked. And Huffington Post? Please, with their celebrity gossip. I found a news app on my phone that allowed me to read several brief articles. The rest of my reading was Dr. Burns’ wellness book, which had a daily planner that I reproduced on my computer. It was enlightening to learn how many techniques are available to beat procrastination.

Tomorrow there are some enjoyable day and night time activities planned with some local bipeds.






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