Get up and move

I am reading the Milwaukee Community Journal 37th annual anniversary edition focusing on health. I am excited that I am familiar with some of the role models being hailed in this issue. It is especially helpful because no where does the the word :should” appear in any of the articles. Should assigns blame. I should have walked 5000 steps yesterday. However, it’s one of those words that David Burns in his his Feeling Good Handbook suggests that we eliminate.

While reading the newspaper I have been especially conscious about moving around the apartment, bending down and picking up things. I have no idea how many steps I have walked, but I would bet that it’s a high number.

I told a friend that she should join our agency, which was somewhat insulting especially at a time when she was happy at her present job. It made much more sense to tell her the things that we do and have available as our rewards. Now she would be very eager.

The articles in the newspaper aren’t about celebrities or super heroes but every day people. It’s one thing if Oprah does it, but it’s something entirely different when your next door neighbor does it. I got up and moved.



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