It’s never over, til it’s over

I often have problems with my memory although I have changed the way that I respond. Yesterday was a perfect example. I had a long appointment on Thursday that included copying some documents to submit for an application. However when I got to work yesterday and began working on the application I discovered that those precious papers had disappeared.

I needed to re-arrange my schedule, call the person on whose behalf I was submitting these papers and think of ways in which I could avoid having this same problem. The one thing that I knew would not be helpful was sitting there blaming myself. I did not lose the papers on purpose and I was able to make new copies and submit everything on time. I got back to my office and shut down the computer.

I will write my final notes for the week on Monday and then sail through the rest of the day. Then my vacation will start. Increasing forgetfulness is often a sign of exhaustion.  But I finished what I set out to do. Which lead to the quote from the immortal Yogi Berra. And truer words have never been said.


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