Nickel and Dimed
Nickel and Dimed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I had the feeling at the end of my interview last year that I had not not asked for enough money. The agency had agreed so readily to my terms but fast-forward 13 months and I am now at the level where I would have been comfortable. The use of pay raises is our system’s way of telling people how much we appreciate them and it’s quite effective. We also give them benefits so that they will have fewer problems in life.When things come up, you will be able to handle them. You don’t want to discover that your employees are being evicted or at risk because they are paid so low. My advice for peer specialists is to find a company that treats you well, give them 110% and enjoy the benefits.


It’s quite simple. Whenever you hear about workers’ wages, you learn that they have fallen drastically over the years. In contrast, how many of us can say that our expenses have declined? One of my facebook friends said that his health insurance premiums went up but not as much as the health insurer had requested. They sent him a letter about this. Gasoline prices don’t decline, either. Without help from your employer, you will not be able to meet your basic needs.  You won’t be able to afford to get sick, for example. The book Nickel and Dimed talked a lot about the struggle of low wage workers in America. When you listen do these kinds of stories, do you realize they’re talking about you?






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