Talking with a woman can be therapeutic

I just finished talking with an African-American freethinker from Nashville. We had met through an atheist website and hearing from her was one of the best parts of my hectic week. I decided to call after I had spent time being angry and expressing it after the George Zimmerman verdict. When she spoke it was like a cool drink of water. This is very often the impact of women upon men who are rushing about and trying to find some means of acting. We are uncertain what to do but some force is telling us that we must do so.  After talking I was no longer angry, or procrastinating. It was time to put my plans into action and apply for that program. It is time to be who I was intended to become.

I think of that title of the book by Alice Walker Just Let Me Have a Cool Glass of Water Before I Die. I know what it means. I have a co-worker who is like that glass of water.


One thought on “Talking with a woman can be therapeutic

  1. Zimmerman was the hometown boy. Sanford was not going to convict him.
    Those jurors have to go back to their small town community. If they had voted Zimmerman guilty they would have been marked for life.


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