Master the possibilities

Today I was thinking of the credit card commercial ending with the tagline Master the possibilities. There are a lot of possibilities, when you think about that concept. When I first became a peer specialist, I thought, that was as far as I could go. Certification was developed a few years before I saw the possibility that it could benefit me. I who had struggled could improve my station in life? How was that possible? It seemed a little strange, since I had obtained a degree in human services without enjoying a significant pay increase.

Then I heard about the certified peer specialist Milwaukee initiative and decided this was for me. I got into an apartment last year in an area where I wanted to live and I thought, yes, this is is. When I saw the commercials about some strange college I thought, that’s not for me. But now that I hear this could be something good for me, I am singing a new tune.

There are possibilities available at this time and you have to be alert to them. Ask around. Check your email. Stay in the loop. Are there better things in store for you? Quite possibly or you may be content to believe that your best days are behind you. As for me, I intend to master the possibilities.

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