Sankofa: it is not too late to return and fetch it

A few years ago, I was a senior in the UWM Helen Bader School of Social Welfare. And I was struggling because my job did not pay enough f0r me to live on. So I quit. Since then, I have added a number of other layers to this story. I was disgusted by the ever increasing cost of college and I was not certain that the BA in Social Welfare that I was pursuing would pay for itself.

But I also realize that I am unlikely to find someone else like me in the social work program. If I graduated and went after jobs in social work, what would I be offered? If I was not there working in social work, would there be anyone else like me? Are there African-American male veterans in social work? Are peer specialists like me pursuing degrees? Will I be able to make a difference? Will I be financially rewarded by adding this degree to my credentials? Meanwhile I have the application that I downloaded nearly completed. Is it too late for me to return and fetch it?



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