Getting our sons and daughters back

By the end of Pete Easley’s book Crazy, his son had recovered enough to work full-time and think about moving out-of-state to attend grad school. His IQ was even higher Pete’s and he had learned to participate in his recovery. He had the kind of life we would all wish for our sons and daughters struggling with diseases, in their bodies or their minds. It was, to recall a phrase from an old friend, “a life worth living.” All the positive metaphors were working. Pete had learned enough from advocating for his son to press for reforms such as Crisis Intervention Training for police to help them respond more effectively to situations involving people with mental illness.

He told the stories of compassionate people using common sense approaches, judges, social workers, NAMI workers and more. It will take make years to fight the stigma and overcome community responses like “not in my backyard.” A program in Florida was almost closed down after an irresponsible news story disclosed its location, leading to thousands of people petitioning against it.

Reading the book made me want to read more about the Treatment Advocacy Center which seeks to reform mental healths and make it easier to require people to force mentally sick people to accept treatment. One of the most effective weapons the TAC has is the number of unnecessary tragedies involving people who refused treatment. I have facebook friends and others who despise the TAC’s approach. I will educate myself and share with my blog fans what I’ve learned.  I have several new readers, which is always encouraging. We can help get our sons and daughter back.


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