What’s left in recovery?

This is a mental health blog that focuses on wellness. I don’t write about my diagnosis as often as other writer. And my diagnosis is not in the title of the blog. For one thing, there was a long time during which I felt that I was perfectly healthy.  I wrote grant proposals, set up organizations, worked in a library and accomplished a lot of wonderful things. All of this while occasionally seeing a therapist. After the diagnosis I never developed an identity as a patient. Some of the language that I clung to was that I was regaining my ability to become the person I was intended to be. It was a self-directed discovery of self.

I sound and feel more confident than at any time in the past And I have reconciled with my past. They were putting up inspirational sayings on our doors today and the one they chose for me said that I had dealt with the past and was ready to move forward.

To me, this mental journey is about doing many of the things that anyone else would do: vacationing, falling in love with one’s family, having comfortable surroundings, enjoying financial success, living life to the fullest and sharing what I have learned along the way. No matter what anyone else tells you, it’s possible to rub your belly, touch your toes and say “ah” all at the same time.


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