Seeking the wellspring of my heart

I am working on this year’s first vacation and I think it will  include a wonderful organic farm not far from Milwaukee called Wellspring.  Just the name itself sounds wonderful. My older sister received all of the farming genes from our mother. That freed me from years of dirt daubing. However, I did do a little work in a community garden when I lived on the east side of Milwaukee, which is known for its gardens. The site includes a youth hostel so it will be affordable. I t was always one of those places I heard about in meetings and put on my list of places to visit. Sort of like a bucket list only much cheerier.

Things to do before you have some incurable disease, although I’m certain I can find a snappier name. I also want to visit the Field Museum in Chicago, which is the incredibly huge and nearby. Perhaps I will take the train and leave the car at home. I got that part of the idea from an old friend. I would hate for anything to happen to the car while on a vacation and be stuck with the hassle of finding a replacement. I just got my notice to renew my license plates and the car runs very smoothly.

As for the museum, Illinois is always enticing us to visit since we’re right next door. A day or so among those ruffians who like trading last place with the Milwaukee Brewers will be long enough. I am hoping that their excitement from the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup will have died down.

Finally, two Milwaukee museums interest  me, the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum. The art museum has a wonderful exhibit of African-American artists and one of my Facebook friends Mutope Johnson has been promoting it. Because of my work schedule it is practically impossible for me to go see it without being on vacation. The children’s museum fascinated me because I was told it was unlike any other in that the museum was very experiential, a hand on type of thing. The commercials make it seem like so much fun, too. Betty Brinn is actually within walking distance of the art museum.

I will want to budget for buying art prints and a visit to some wonderful restaurant. It would be best to use one whole week  but I also need to go see my family for Thanksgiving. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. I need to do some more planning. My family is too wonderful to stay away from for very long.


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