My adventure into consumerism

I had a brief adventure buying an earth tone bean bag chair man years ago. before my sister became ill. Before I had gray hair. Just a long time before. Skip ahead into the timeline where where you find that during my marriage I did not pay for the few things, like bed, stove or couch that we bought. Skip ahead into years of bachelorhood, relationships with other women and I was still unable top buy anything new, save for that brief period in which I owned a home. I need to have some of the comfort that has escaped me these many years.

I would like to have one one those meaningless items that people enjoy and help stimulate the economy. To be honest if I had known how different things would be having a comfortable mattress, I would have bought one last year.

During the same week, I came to work wearing a wire-rimmed pair of glasses and returned with an entirely new pair. I can see clearly now, like the song says. I won’t talk about these things with my co-workers, I will let them guess why I am acting this way.




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