Fulfillingness’ First Finale

Fulfillingness’ First Finale was a landmark album by Stevie Wonder released in 1974. I bought it as soon as it came out and played it as often and as long as I could. It is a standard of excellence against which one can measure an artist’s body of work. Tonight I am thinking about making this year my Fulfillingness’ First Finale. It needs to be a departure from all previous years and mark the point in my life where things I had hoped for began to be realized. This is a production by a mature performer who is at the peak of his powers. One that stand up as the years go on and have its songs played over and over again.


When I saw the title included the words First Finale I expected Stevie would follow with another. I am not certain whether that is what I expect of myself. After this year, i intend to go on and reach another new height.


This is my challenge for those seeking wellness and exultation. Think of this year as an album by your favorite performer. What is the title and why would you choose this album at this point in your life. I cam of age at the same time as Wonder and we share the same horoscope sign. Even though I don’t follow horoscopes as much as I used to. Many of his songs struck a chord with me. I also wished I could have done my hair like his and I believe his the best composer/singer of his era. So those are my reasons for choosing Fulfillingness’ First Finale by Stevie Wonder.


Stevie Wonder at a rehearsal for the Grammy Awards
Stevie Wonder at a rehearsal for the Grammy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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