Conspiracies, everywhere!

One thing about people who believe in conspiracies, there is no reasoning with them. The first conspiracy theorist I listened to was Jim Garrison, who attempted to poke holes in the official explanation of JFK’s assassination. To a certain extent, he seemed to be on the right track. Starting with the “magic bullet” story, it looked plausible that there was more than one lone killer, a loser named Lee Harvey Oswald.

But the JFK murder had many different threads to it, including the CIA, suspicions about Lyndon Baines Johnson, a group that was desperate to expand the war in Vietnam and more. That’s the thing about conspiracies, they’re like a spaghetti strand that absorbs several enormous plates of food. Conspiracies are plots, real or imagined, that involve people working together towards a common goal that is hidden from the public. The government has used conspiracies for its own end, like the  Chicago 8 Trial stemming from the protests at the 1968 Democratic Party Convention.

The government fabricated a case to make the protesters seem like criminals when in reality the vast amount of the violence resulted from a police riot instigated by Mayor Richard Daley. It is interesting to fantasize about what might have happened without the vast uncontrolled police response to the protests.

I think about this because I deal with people who are experiencing delusions, which are often grand conspiracies for which there is no evidence. They don’t sound very different from people like Glenn Beck except that they don’t reach as many people. Oh, and lest we forget, conspiracy is an equal opportunity game available to all races. Africans and African-Americans have created conspiracy theories about the white man creating AIDS and HIV to use against them.

It is foolish to present evidence against conspiracies because the true believers will simply go onto a new conspiracy. And with the social media you can find them conspiracy theorists among your Facebook friends if you don’t choose wisely. My advice is that there is not enough aspirin or time to deal with them. There’s probably a conspiracy about why the CIA created this blog entry, hah, hah.



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