Happy anniversary

Exactly one year has passed since I began working as a certified peer specialist. Last year I rode to work on the bus half broke and wondering when I was going to start getting paid. Today I drove myself here trying to plan how to get my car to the shop not far from here. Last year I was completely unknown. Today I am anticipating a meeting with a county big shot to help our agency look at implementing an employment program for people with mental illness.

What a difference a year makes and the difference is me. Go for it, Mr. K. This little snippet was written while I was at work.  We had a very good meeting with the county, which is in sharp contrast to the latest article about the dysfunctional Milwaukee mental health system. The meeting included things we are doing to help improve the lives of our consumers. We parted knowing that our diverse agency will be a part of something very big that is about to happen.

Not long after the meeting I signed a paper showing how my hard work was being rewarded. This is almost too wonderful to be true. The climax came when I had my car tuned up for less than I had expected and I still had money that I had set aside for this purpose.  So I knew that if the first year was this good, next year will have to be even better.


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