Happy Memorial Day or Why is his Skin So Smooth?

I’m hoping to throw off my 1 or 2 devoted readers by using these odd titles for my blog entries. Obviously nobody would write a blog combining Memorial Day with smooth skin. Except a local oddball. Hah. These oddballs are always getting involved in stuff.

I sent my sister a David Sanborn cd last week so I called and asked her whether she had received it.  Yes, it did arrive, and she has listened to it with our mother. However, the case was broken. I will add a little packing material with the next item I send her and mom. I told her that even though my hair is almost completely grey, many people believe I am much younger than my true age. This seems to be due to my very smooth skin. At times I go through periods where I am constantly using lotion but in reality the lotion just adds a lot of oil that I have to wipe away.

It appears that this is a family trait. I had trouble guessing my mother’s age because she always had the same smooth skin. I think this is a wonderful trait. I want to be as young as possible for as long as I can. There’s a woman at the First Unitarian Society who is as wrinkled as one can possibly be. When I saw her for the first time, I guessed she was well into her 80s.

I’m not sure what to make of this other than to enjoy being part of my family. We may have other issues but we’ve got good skin. BTW I also told my sister about my signing up for the company IRA, health insurance and life insurance. She was glad. When you get past the early romantic part of being in a family there are the practical issues of having savings, taking care of yourself, and being part of the whole that make your family bonds grow. They make you love your family all over again.

Some of my readers have wrinkles, others are probably in your 20s but all of us are from families. Within those families, it is almost certain there is a veteran within your generation or the previous. One of these days there is going to be a celebration of how veterans made war unnecessary. But until then there is Memorial Day. It is a time for Family, peace and hope. Celebrate as you see fit.



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