Stop me before I communicate again

I was a communication wiz at work today and I have Coach Phil Jackson to thank for my success. I remember Phil from when he was a forward with the New York Knicks who were coached by Red Holzman. For one glorious season, the Knicks were the NBA champs. Holzman’s secret: see the ball, hit the open man. They had a lineup filled with team players like Walt Frazier, Dave Debusschere, Willis Reed, Bill Bradley and of course Jackson.

Jackson developed his knowledge of strategy and tactics and went on to become the greatest NBA coach of all time. He wrote a book “Eleven Rings”  about his success. One of the greatest stories was about the year in which the Chicago Bulls, who Jackson was coaching, were going for their third straight championship and they were locked in a tight game with the Phoenix Suns. In the final possession the Bulls passed the ball all across the court, including players like Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. With one final pass the ball went to John Paxson, and he got nothing but net.

Hearing that story put me in the mindset to say, I don’t care if I just say hello it’s about the team effort for the consumer. And so as we passed the ball at the office we had solid teamwork. So forgive me if I am communicating too much.



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