Bp Magazine

Every time I see a copy of  Bp I feel like they are writing about my life but I should be wary. It’s a very handsomely produced magazine with the kind of stories I would like to read. They write about the importance getting rid of clutter, finding your right job and financial stability. All of these are thing I have struggled with. The cover price is $7 . The magazine is a partnership with several mainstream mental health groups including NAMI, DBSA and Bring Change to Mind. I found a very discreet drug company ad at the back of one issue.

So committing to buy an issue or subscribe means that you have faith in the organizations that produce it. You feel that they are credible and the information, while it reflects their bias, will lead you to a positive recovery. I receive a lot of information from these groups and I also check out Mind Freedom, Beyond Meds and I used to listen to Madness Radio. To be honest I am working in the mainstream mental health field and I am a consumer of their services. Although I have a history of skepticism about medications and publish articles about the abuses of the drug companies I have tied my recovery to using their medications.

I think some of these mainstream mental health groups are also behind a magazine about schizophrenia that I picked up at the NAMI Wisconsin conference a few weeks ago. And I am planning to join a professional association for those who are assisting consumers working on employment. Especially since so much of my work is focused on this area.

This sounds like I am listening to a reggae song “Coming in from the Cold” which has a line “it’s you I’m talking to.” And an even more memorable line “Would you let the man take your sister? No, man, no. ” I am coming in from the cold and gradually letting go of my old fears because it’s me the mainstream mental health groups are talking to.


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