Listening to the voice in the silence

Wisconsin Public Radio
Wisconsin Public Radio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am listening to a Wisconsin Public Radio program called To the Best of Our Knowledge. It is very changeable talking about bodies. It started out with stories about black men and haircuts including a man who is an artist and a barber talking about the combination of his two professions. And somehow magically the second hour of the program had been spent on meditations about Thoreau. A woman had received her mother’s journals when her mother died at 54 from ovarian cancer. And each of them was black. So she had to decide what her mother was attempting to tell her. Because the women’s role in her family was clearly defined: to bear children and to keep a journal.


I have absorbed all of this information without feeling the need to talk with anyone. I had made some comments on Facebook. And I accessed my healthyevet page to check on some recent tests I had. The results were not yet available so I sent my care team a note inquiring about them. I was perfectly healthy but this is one of my obsessions. I had made a very important decision and sent my sister an email about it. I posted a status update very cryptic: announcing I had made my decision.


And yet I withheld any hint as to the actual decision. I was speaking and not saying anything on this silent day. The phones remain on their chargers where I will find them tomorrow before going off to work. Let the silence carry me on. It is the power of radio.



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