Where am I in or Portland or some other cold, wet city?

This must be some kind of cosmic joke. We have 1 or two days of actual spring, almost summer weather and then the temp drops like 70 degrees and you feel like you’re in a refrigerator. So you wonder about the signs all around you. And you ask did you move somewhere in the middle of the night. Have you suddenly been transported somewhere you don’t belong. You ask your friends if they have seen anything funny lately? Are the numbers 503, 541, 971, and 458 going through your head? Because those are the area codes for Portland, Oregon.

Are you feeling cold and wet for no good reason at all? When the sun shines, do you find yourself thinking, there’s something wrong here. It’s because you moved to Portland. There is some kind of Portland Oregon disease sweeping America where we are all becoming cold and wet. Save yourselves, those of you who can. This may be one of the last blog entries you receive from me as all the Portlandness overwhelms me. Farewell, Milwaukee.



2 thoughts on “Where am I in or Portland or some other cold, wet city?

  1. Don’t try to hog all that cold, wet weather to yourself in Portland. Here is Seattle, we are just as cold and wet as you. Ah, relish in the mold that grows on your coat and the gray skies that overhead. Just remember you moved to Portland for Powell Books and Voodoo Doughnuts!


  2. I want to make it clear, I am not in Portland. Seattle sounds just as bad. When it is wet and cold here it feels like I was moved to the west coast overnight.


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