Where will we find our new apprentices?

Apprentices are those who are learning a craft, usually in the construction industry: plumbing, carpentry, painting, etc. They come in looking to get a start in a very competitive industry. This type of work takes its toll on your body so it’s a young person’s game. The journeymen workers who entered the industry back in the 60s are probably planning their retirements. Some of these jobs pay very well. Shh.

I am hoping. Thinking. Wondering. Don’t you even whisper about prayer. But I think I may have a couple of guys who could become apprentices. This is complete speculation on my part. There are many rivers to cross, as the song said. I hope to provide a boat but it will be up to these young people to start paddling as fast as possible.  There’s no time for Donald Trump and his show. We’re talking about real life.



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