Let’s define peace as strength

I just watched a Bill Maher new rule segment about North Korea that matched my thoughts about the situation. Does anyone understand what a warmongering nation we have been throughout our history? According to Maher, we have been at war more than 200 years. Since we’re a relatively new nation, that seems pretty astounding. The vast majority of those were unjust attempts at land grabbing and plunder. It has been a policy of democratic and republican presidents to start and threaten wars. There’s an incredible irony having President Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize and then threaten Iran using the same language as George Bush.  It’s as if Bush had been transformed into an African-American.

So now we face a bizarre situation in which our allies, Israel and South Korea are helping to feed our desire for war. Like a vampire that needs to feed we comb the war in search of enemies. And it does not matter if the target nation lacks the means or desire to fight us, under the rule of pre-emptive war. We only need to believe that they may wish to harm us at some future point. There stands North Korea like a small yapping dog making ridiculous boasts to their own detriment. Why would a nation that can barely feed itself want to start a war with a much larger adversary?

All of us have much to gain from envisioning a new idea of America in a peace loving context, one that sets an example by resolving conflict through diplomacy, trade mutual assistance. We need to exchange friendship with North Korea and Iran not bluster because the one option that has not been on the table is cooperation.


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