Top 10 ways to handle that training that you are dreading

1. Get a good night sleep beforehand.

2. Bring three bottles of energy drinks.

3. After signing in, place a mannequin in your seat while you slip out.

4. Catch one of those viruses that are going around, the one that’s get two dozen letters and very hard to pronounce.

5. Disconnect the starter on your car during lunch and then don’t tell anyone until you go out to to drive after everyone has left.

6. Wear a pair of sunglasses that hide the fact you’re sound asleep.

7. Wear an ear bud disguised as a hearing aid and rock out to your favorite tunes while everyone thinks you’re paying complete attention.

8. Use a transgrometer machine to explore the universe during the seminar.

9. Go to the bathroom right after the program starts and return with strange spots all over your skin. It’s the damned infection again!

10. Figure out a way to get compromising material on the presenters and blackmail them into giving you a completion sheet.




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