I’m holding my wallet

The rich people in Milwaukee have been planning the best way to get my money. They’ve told us ahead of time what matters most to them is a new auditorium for the Milwaukee Bucks (as in hand over my money) will plan in the years ahead.  Some years ago, Lloyd and Jane Pettit donated money to building Bradley Center.  Now that center is considered obsolete and it’s time for me to figure out how much I want to spend to bail out the Bucks (show me the green, Kenyatta).

I’ve only attended one game at the Bradley Center years ago when the team had Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson and Sam Cassell. All of them were on championship teams after after they were traded away foolishly. Robinson’s son played last night for Michigan in a losing cause against Louisville. That’s how long it has been since we had good players. Allen returned to Milwaukee tonight playing for the Miami Heat who gave Bucks fans all the more reasons to wish the team had kept him.

And now, it’s all about the benjamins. hand over the lettuce, good people for thy duty is to toil and buy any pay to the rich to play. Year ago there was a plan to provide additional funds for public schools but the wealthy defeated it. Rich people used the daily mouthpiece called the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to push a stadium plan through the state legislature (stick it to Milwaukee, as then Gov. Thompson said). Now every time we pay sales taxes a portion goes for the stadium. We can’t get money for public transit, because that would be something we could use. I’d holding my debit card and I’m saying no to rich people and their playgrounds. Why should I pay for mediocre basketball?


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