And now for something completely different!

Each year around this time The United States and Korea have these large military exercises in which they pretend to invade North Korea. North Korea responds by shaking its fists and using a lot of hot rhetoric. News about North Korea is a main topic on the nightly news. Now we’re talking about creating some kind of missile defense system against North Korea and sending some new planes to South Korea. More significant was the announcement from North Korea that the South Korean workers at a factory operated by North and South Korea would be forced to return home. And yet none of this makes any sense at all.

And it’s expensive. War would be suicidal for both Koreas and the US taxpayers would be stuck paying the bill to repair both of them. Why not replace the annual war games with an athletic contest, perhaps a series of soccer games between the US, North and South Korea? It would be far less costly and reckless than talking about war and no workers would need to be sent home from their jobs. Besides, with computer simulations, the US and South Korea could play their little war games in a quiet office. You would think that a Nobel Peace Prize winner would think of an idea like this.



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