Atlanta Falcons putting their money on Banks

This week the Atlanta Falcons gave Brian Banks a second chance at his dream. Banks was a highly recruited football player who attended the University of Southern California. While he was in college his career was cut short when a friend falsely accused him of raping her. Despite evidence that pointed to his innocence he has convicted and spent 5 years in prison before being exonerated when his accuser admitted that she had lied. Upon earning his release, Brian, now 27, began trying out for pro football teams and finally signed with Atlanta.

Kudos to the team for recognizing his abilities. He is like many at potential young men but he stuck to his dream of becoming a pro player. In that sense he is a role model. There is that old cliche that you can only pl,ay the cards that you’re dealt and Banks lost a few good hands but the ace was always there and now we will be able to see him in action.

Congratulations to Brian Banks.



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