Turning on other sides of the brain

I was at an interesting event called Art Jamboree at Milwaukee Makerspace. It was a spur of the moment thing, seeing the posting about this event on Facebook. Several friends had signed on to attend the event. I had never heard about Milwaukee Makerspacespace. A friend Jenny Plevin described it as a kind of play space for engineers and others who like to make things. Since that does not describe me at all it was not surprising that I had not looked into this before.

But once I got there I found a car that had been transformed, which one of my clients would have enjoyed. There was a pinball machine that brought back memories. I wasted time back in the day trying to be a pinball wizard. So after seeing a kid do it I could not resist the pinball machine. Kids are such clods: always hogging all of the fun stuff. There were things you do with cloth. Is this a Kenyatta sort of thing? Has anyone ever seen Kenyatta do anything with cloth? Kenyatta uses the finished product, sir.

There were tools, machines and little bitty parts. And I saw wine, and beer which was good to have. My most intriguing exhibit was the 3 day printer. The main question was using the CAD program. It would be an interesting challenge and the guy who was working on the 3 D printer said there are you tube videos that explain CAD programs.

Yesterday I was working out on the spur of the moment and tonight I’m thinking about a 3 D printer. No, I’m not going to make a 3D woman. She would probably turn out to be Jehovah’s Witness telling me I was going to hell.


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