Axis Huh?

My coworkers sometimes slip into mental health jargon especially when talking about our consumers. It becomes a little difficult to slow down the conversation and ask for definitions. Yesterday we had an all day video about Personality Disorders, or Axis II. Axis I  includes all the garden variety mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression and mania. I took a collage course on personality and I felt that I learned something about myself.

When I tried to read the textbook a few weeks ago I found that texts aren’t actually meant to be read. So I will check out things in the psychology department at the library. I have my library card so I’m going to be using that part  of the brain, too. You need to be a whole person in this life and personality disorders are about not having enough flexibility or problem solving ability.  It was even funny to discover that  there was a technical term about drama queens. Wait for it. They really are drama queens.

The presentation about personality disorders included a lot of humor and really clarified my thinking. Unfortunately it went too long for me and I had out of body experiences. I need to be able to absorb the information by myself. I may make copies of key parts of the student manual.





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