Everyone must be treated fairly: my views about marriage

I have struggled with relationships including marriage for reasons that I was unable to acknowledge. As I am writing this blog I am listening to a story on Democracy Now about gays and lesbians gaining the freedom to marry. I was married to a woman but it did not last. I was not ready and as a result things fell apart.

I would like to find a woman who understands the various parts of my life. I have always supported rights for gays and lesbians and I could not imagine being married to a woman who did not support my ideas. I have never supported the belief in a supernatural being controlling our lives. It has never been a question that we are acting upon free will and no wife could earn my love without believing otherwise.

And finally I have always been a progressive activist a man who stands for equality, and no conservatives need apply. These are my beliefs and it is the struggle that continues every day that urges me to restate them. I would like the second time to be the charm.



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