Does work really take all my energy?

I was looking at the statistics for my blog and noticed that my writing has fallen off fairly dramatically since I changed jobs last year. I would have thought that  the excitement would have generated more ideas. You struggle to get out of poverty and begin earning a living wage and then somehow the added stress from work shuts down your brain after 5:00. I’ve got less juice than those ion batteries they talk about in the news.

I get several blog posts per day from several bloggers but I rarely write more than two. Yesterday’s readership zoomed and I think I was attempting to pump up the volume.  Write more, read more. Pretty basic stuff. Today I decided to follow the advice column for wordpress and publish in a different medium.

I saw a video about blacks don’t do atheism and decided to to see whether I could publish a video. Whoa, I am really venturing out here. Maybe in 2015 I will actually do a video and publish it. Or maybe I will find a way to download some pictures from my phone. Creating a facebook page for A Little Local Color was great, as was the idea of publicizing more. I used to hit most of those sites like facebook and twitter but now, it’s simply easier. My writing is automatically sent to those sites.

I have reached a milestone because the number of people who are liking my blog entries has increased, I now have over 10,000 views and I am reaching more people. So the next thing will be getting out of this little apartment to experience more things to stimulate my fertile imagination. Be still, my heart. How will I be able to stand all the excitement?



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