I can always use one more diversion in my life. Saturday night I went to the Riverwest Follies for the first time. It was at the Polish Falcon Hall, a legendary bowling alley and hangout in Riverwest. I had been invited by Damien Jones and his wife Jenn who must have been right out of high school when I met them through the Green Party. In the last few years they have formed a band Astral/Subastral and playing gigs around town. My first experience with them was on what I call The Long March named for some event that took place in China.


It was at the All Peoples Parade which celebrates diversity, puppetry and all around fun. I had held off going to the Parade the first couple of years and always  regretted it. For some reason I thought it couldn’t possibly be as much fun as the posters looked like it would be. But a  couple of years ago, I trying to encourage the residents of the supportive housing program where I was working to get out and become a part of the community. I encouraged like crazy but no takers. Finally I decided to go to the parade. The parade ended up at the Summerfest Grounds on Milwaukee’s lakefront.


I had joined up with a group of mice who were alternately being menaced by or struggling against the locusts. This was all supposed to be a metaphor for the workers versus the bosses. It was great and I recognized several friends. I was free live up to nickname, the local oddball. Of course, there came a twist in the story as the parade entered the Summerfest. Somehow I ended up following Damien and Jenn and their merry group as we marched. I thought eventually we would end up in New Berlin. Eventually, I realized I was 84 years old and had no business   out there with those characters.


The next day, I called my family to complain to my mother that she had installed the wrong feet on me when she brought me home from Sears. She said I was lying and had my sister mail me a copy of the diagram. All I could say was, wait for it, Yelp!


Green Party Community Picnic
Green Party Community Picnic (Photo credit: ItzaFineDay)




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