Binders full of everybody

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Paul Krugman at the 2010 Brooklyn Boo...
English: Paul Krugman at the 2010 Brooklyn Book Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Shirley Chisholm, future member of the U.S. Ho...
Shirley Chisholm, future member of the U.S. House of Representatives (D-NY), announcing her candidacy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I saw something on Facebook recently that really captured my imagination. It said binders full of everybody. It spoke to me because that has been my philosophy ever since I became aware of my color. I just kept extending it out: to gays and lesbians, for example. I post so many tweets, facebook likes and updates about the freedom to marry that people must think that I too am gay. I would not be offended because I am a strong supporter.


One of the reasons why I voted for President Obama was that he has worked to dismantle government supported anti-gay bigotry. And it was an easy choice because the Republican Party has had anti-gay language in its platform for years. Let’s have binders full of progressive politicians, who are unbought and unbossed, to quote the late great Congresswoman and Presdential candidate Shirley Chisholm.


Freethinkers, atheists, humanists and others along the spectrum of non-belief are an increasingly vocal minority in America. We have our sets of beliefs and are often more inclusive than those would consider themselves theists. I do not restrict myself to one set of principles because there are so many different sources of the truth. I could easily spend days and weeks at a team researching and studying everything I could on non-theistic ideas and find I had barely scratched the surface. So, yes, there will be plenty of binders full of non-believers.


Let’s have binders full of teachers to inspiring students of all ages. Let’s have binders economists like Paul Krugman who tears trickle down economics to shreds.  Let’s have binders full of people  recovering from hatred, abuse, gunshot wounds, preventable diseases and injustice. Let’s have binders full of people like my friends Jan Wilberg and Jonathan Hart. I invited Jan,  who writes her own blog, to be a guest writer on mine. Jon read his poem last night about as humans not as members of some particular category at last night’s NAMI Greater Milwaukee Creativity Heals. Let’s have binders full of mother, fathers, aunts, uncles and great grandmothers like my mother who will be 89 this week.


When the binders are full, we will start anew to help build a more just and verdant world. A world without child sexual abuse and cover-ups. Let’s build a world where there are no corporations buying elections, using slave labor or artificially  holding down wages. Let’s have a world without Chinese reeducation to labor camps or whatever new name the Chinese officials may use. Let’s build a world without people living in 40′ apartments as they have in Hong Kong.  I don’t have a name for such a world but let’s just say we need a better world than the one we have now. Binders full of the 99%.



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