Small city, big man

I have scouring the city looking for adult basic education programs that offered convenience, free services and a connection to Milwaukee Area Technical College. Although I got 1 person into MATC, I have a few more who would like to start this spring. I found that some places did not return calls, others worked primarily in their own neighborhoods and were full and one very nice place was not convenient to enroll in the program. Out of the blue, I called Career Youth Development last week. And lo and behold, they returned my call. So I called back  and someone answered and invited me to stop over this afternoon.


Wouldn’t you know? The Director, James Ferguson, was a student in an after school program where I worked “a few years ago.” He’s as big as a linebacker. And under Ferguson is a man who was part of the church where the after school program was located. I shook hands, amazed that I had this connection to CYD but excited that I was in a position to help people.


I did some networking, checked out the facilities and got a sense that this was what I had been seeking. I also received a list of the adult basic education programs affiliated with MATC. A list that I had been seeking on the college website. I told my supervisor when I got back to the office and called my consumers. This could be the re-start of a wonderful friendship. You can go round and round in Milwaukee and often meet the same people that you saw in the beginning of your journey so treat them as you would wish to be treated.


Milwaukee Area Technical College
Milwaukee Area Technical College (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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