Avoid gossip

I had a relationship with a woman several years ago that continues to haunt me. Apparently the woman spread details of our relationship far and wide. I took a consumer to visit a clubhouse where I was semi involved and while on a tour I encountered a man who is an incredible gossip. Holy shit. In two minutes he had spilled his guts about my private business. I could have shot him, figuratively speaking.

Before entering into a new relationship I am going to check for 3 things:

1. Bill paying

2. Bed bugs

3. Gossip.

The list talks about two things that relate to our relationship and one situation that is affecting the community. I mentioned the gossip but the bill paying was almost as difficult. Long after our relationship ended I received calls and letters from collection agencies trying to find her.

The bed bugs are something that has touched the people I assist and beyond. I have been told that you can get infested by bedbugs almost anywhere. At hotels, for example. And if you have a gossip, you can imagine where news about such problems will be spread: far and wide. So, these are some things that experience has taught me.



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